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Halloween Jewellery & Gothic Jewellery

Dark Dwelling sells a selection of Halloween jewellery and Gothic jewellery; elegant and fun necklace sets, earrings and pendants for Halloween or for lovers of the gothic aesthetic. Some designs may have a horror-punk feel to them. Featuring bats, raven skulls, spiders and more, these eye-catching designs will help you to express your spooky self in style.

All Halloween Jewellery & Gothic Jewellery

Necklace & Earring Sets (Stainless Steel)

My premium range of stainless steel necklaces are built around heavy, detailed pendants. Their beads are a mix of black onyx, glass and striped resin. They have a substantial, quality feel to them, and are a bit more special than regular costume jewellery. All are supplied with matching beaded earrings.

Necklace & Earring Sets (Metal Alloy)

My range of silver-coloured alloy metal necklaces includes lightweight statement pieces at a reasonable price. They have been constructed using a mixture of glass, striped resin and acrylic beads. Some designs are colourful and perfect for Halloween, others will perfectly match a gothic outfit. All are supplied with matching beaded earrings.

Pendants (Sterling Silver)

These are a selection of spooky-themed pendants in solid sterling silver. I was originally going to use them as focal points for my beaded necklaces, but I've decided to sell them as-is. My stock of these is limited, and won't be replaced. These elegant, unfussy pieces are perfect for people who aren't keen on costume jewellery.

Earrings (Sterling Silver)

These earrings are made of sterling silver and semi-precious beads, including black onyx and purple amethyst. My stock of these is limited, and won't be replaced. These are perfect for people who prefer their Halloween or gothic jewellery in fine metals and appreciate the properties of gemstones.

Earrings (Stainless Steel)

These earrings are constructed from stainless steel components and black onyx beads. Some of my stainless steel earrings will match with my stainless steel necklaces, perfect for achieving a more dramatic gothic look.

Earrings (Metal Alloy)

These earrings are constructed from lead and nickel safe alloy metal components. Some will match with my alloy metal necklaces, perfect for a true Halloween Queen.