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Halloween Jewellery & Gothic Jewellery

Dark Dwelling sells a selection of Halloween jewellery and Gothic jewellery; elegant and fun necklace sets, earrings and pendants for Halloween or for lovers of the gothic aesthetic. Some designs may have a horror-punk feel to them. Featuring bats, raven skulls, spiders and more, these eye-catching designs will help you to express your spooky self in style.

Halloween / Gothic Hanging Spider Pendant (925 Sterling Silver)

Spider pendant shown with a chain

A pretty sterling silver hanging spider pendant, perfect for Halloween, or for year-round wear for arachnid-lovers. The pendant weighs approximately 3g, and is approximately 3.5cm tall, 3.5cm wide and 3-4mm thick.

*** SOLD OUT ***

Sterling Silver (925)
Halloween Jewellery & Gothic Jewellery
Pendants (Sterling Silver)