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Spooky Small Businesses (Around the World)

Many small spooky businesses are based outside of the UK or Europe, especially as Halloween is celebrated more obviously in the USA. Delivery can take a while and import costs to the UK can be expensive, but there are some really lovely items to be had. Here I'll list businesses I have bought from.

I have already written an article about Spooky Small Businesses (UK, Europe). Listed below are other small businesses around the world I have made purchases from. Most are run by just one or two people, but they sell lovely unique items, often handcrafted. If they have a website, please consider buying directly from there instead of Etsy to help save them a lot of money on seller and compulsory advertising fees.

Orders imported from outside the UK will likely be subject to expensive VAT and Royal Mail handling charges. Also, given the current worldwide situation with the Coronavirus, some shops may be delayed in shipping or temporarily closed. If you like their items please consider following them on Instagram, or saving a link to them for future reference.

Some UK-based stores stock spooky items they have already imported, saving you the wait and the worry about import costs; one I can recommend is October 31st.

Manière Noire (Canada)
Website | Instagram
Sells enamel pins, patches, original art, t-shirts, prints, wooden coasters and decor plaques. Pictured below: silver/black 'Small Dagger' and 'Skeleton Key' pin sets and a single 'Tombstone I' pin.
Lively Ghosts (USA)
Website | Instagram
Sells pins, stickers and some clothing. Their items are mostly inspired by horror films. They also sell horror-themed, coffin-shaped pin boards, but they sell out incredibly quickly. Pictured below: pins representing The Shining and Halloween III: Season of the Witch in different colourways.
The Fantasmical World of Rhode Montijo (USA)
Website | Instagram
Sells prints, clothing and enamel pins based on his own original artwork, books he has written and illustrated, and his own Halloween flag. Pictured below: four prints I have bought and a copy of his children's book 'The Halloween Kid'.